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1-on-1 with David Sanger: It’s Been Quite a Week, Let’s Have a Drink…OK, Let’s Have a Few…

Remember way back when we were concerned with how the White House was planning on pulling out of yet another international agreement, this one among the very few real nuclear arms control agreements that exist?  That was Monday.  Since then we have had news the president has had his cellphone hacked because he can’t be bothered with security, one of the most extraordinary bombing campaigns in America history, the president dismissing it by calling it “this ‘bomb’ stuff” and then a couple hours later taking credit for the arrest of the rabid Trump supporter who was apparently the bomber.  How do you make sense of all that?  Do what we do and sit down with original Deep Stater, our own David Sanger, for a great 1-on-1.  Just the perfect accompaniment to a couple of cocktails and then maybe, a couple more cocktails.

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