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“8 Year-Old Assholes Cannot be Shamed”: The Big National Security Scandal Nobody is Talking About

After 9/11, investigators concluded one of the factors that put America at risk was that only 57 percent of nominees for top national security positions had been confirmed by the Congress and were in place. Today, that number is just over 26 percent. Random holds on nominees for indefensibly political reasons are putting this country at risk. The two worst offenders? Senators Cruz and Hawley. We discuss this with expert Loren deJonge Schulman, VP for Research at the Partnership for Public Service as well as AEI’s Kori Schake, the FT’s Ed Luce and Georgetown Law’s Rosa Brooks. We also discuss Kori’s and Rosa’s prominent opeds on the controversy surrounding General Mark Milley. Plus a little bit about French submarines. Don’t miss it.

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