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    The Politics of Justice

    Trump might finally be indicted but what impact will that have on the political landscape?  Kavita and Norm seek to answer that question during this engaging conversation.  Members get a bonus conversation about COVID and the recent UN Climate Report.
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    The DSR Daily Brief Newsletter – Friday, March 23, 2023

    Programming Notes: Our outstanding producer, Grant Haver, is leaving us for a role with DHS. Since I will be solo for the next several weeks until we find his replacement, I wanted to make you aware of some temporary programming…
    The DSR Daily Brief

    The DSR Daily Brief for March 24, 2023

    The two hundred sixty-third episode of the DSR Daily Brief. Stories Cited in the Episode: Grant says goodbye for now!
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    The Walls are Closing in On Donald Trump: An Update on Each Wall

    Trump promised that he would get arrested this week but that hasn’t happened (yet).  David talked with Dahlia Lithwick of Slate and Allison Gill of The Daily Beans about the status of the various cases against Trump.  Is Trump headed…

    #72. Mykola Bielieskov on Bakhmut and much more

    Michael Weiss discusses the strategic importance of Bakhmut and the large Ukrainian military strategy with Mykola Bielieskov, Research Fellow at National Institute for Strategic Studies under UA President/senior analyst at Come Back Alive.
    The DSR Daily Brief

    The DSR Daily Brief for March 23, 2023

    The two hundred sixty-second episode of the DSR Daily Brief. Stories Cited in the Episode: Israel ratifies law limiting conditions for a Netanyahu removal Anger at Macron mounts as French unions hold new protests Rahul Gandhi: India’s Congress leader sentenced…
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    Xi Scores Points in Moscow, Putin, Not So Much

    Chinese President Xi Jinping made a historic visit to Moscow this week to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  David sat down with Rosa Brooks of Georgetown University, Kori Schake of the American Enterprise Institute, and Angela Stent of the…
    The DSR Daily Brief

    The DSR Daily Brief for March 22, 2023

    The two hundred sixty-first episode of the DSR Daily Brief. Stories Cited in the Episode: UN warns against ‘vampiric’ global water use Ukraine, IMF agree on $15.6 billion loan package Uganda’s parliament passes tough new anti-LGBTQ bill Algerian president says…
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    The China Question

    America’s politicians have become more hawkish on China but is that the only path forward?  David Rothkopf debates this issue with Dmitri Alperovitch of the Silverado Policy Accelerator and Josh Rogin of the Washington Post.  Is China willing to compete…
    Next in Foreign Policy

    Defeating the Dictators with Charles Dunst

    This week Grant and Zoe talk with Charles Dunst about his new book “Defeating The Dictators: How Democracy Can Prevail In The Age Of The Strongman”.  Can democracies actually learn something from dictators?  Are people more interested in economic well…


      March 18, 2023

      Recipe for Disaster: A New Book from Alison Riley

      Marissa’s guest, Alison Riley, had an idea: Go out and talk to celebrities, artists and creators and ask them to…
      March 11, 2023

      Emotional Eating and Emotional Economics with Ron Insana

      Why is this economy so different from all others? Ron Insana, CNBC senior analyst and commentator is Marissa’s guest this…
      March 4, 2023

      The Truth About the Carter Legacy with Ed Luce

      Ed Luce, U.S. National Editor of the Financial Times is Marissa’s guest this week and sets the record straight on…
      February 18, 2023

      Real First World Problems: The Sorry State of Women’s Healthcare in the USA with Anushay Hossain

      Anushay Hossain, best-selling author, women’s healthcare expert and host of the Spilling Chai podcast joins Marissa to discuss the latest…
      February 11, 2023

      Illuminate your life with guest Tamron Hall

      Tamron Hall, journalist, author and Emmy-winning host of The Tamron Hall show joins Marissa with genuinely nspiring and insightful conversation.…
      February 6, 2023

      Has it All Gone to the Dogs? An Interview with Dave Aronberg

      Marissa’s special guest this week is State Attorney for Palm Beach County, Florida, Dave Aronberg. Marissa and Dave discuss the…




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