A Conversation with ‘A.G.’ of Mueller, She Wrote

In the wake of Bob Mueller’s testimony before the House of Representatives, UNREDACTEDdsr spoke with the host of the hit podcast Mueller, She Wrote, ‘A.G.’ While A.G. is a pseudonym, we know she is a military veteran in a senior role in an executive branch agency. She understands how government works — and when it doesn’t. She as much as anyone knows there’s no so-called “Deep State” — but has one of the best grasps of the real state, the one we see every day being attacked and dismantled by donald trump. Her mastery of the Special Counsel’s investigation is second to none. In addition to giving a summary on the post-Mueller state of play, A.G. outlines how she feels justice will be served — and specifically defines justice as she realistically sees it. At a time it feels the Russia investigation has stalled, A.G. is a good reminder of how much still lies ahead.

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