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While secret broadcasts from undisclosed locations within the Deep State have existed since the earliest days of radio, Deep State Radio began its programming more recently.  Way back in 2017, in the midst of a growing fervor about the Deep State among conspiracy theorists and others who had suffered significant head trauma, Deep State Radio was launched as an antidote to the lunacy.

Broadcasting from our tiny, rather damp, studios in the third sub-basement of the Ministry of Snark in Washington, DC, the purpose of Deep State Radio was clear: To simultaneously take the piss out of the nut jobs who were attacking America’s intelligence, national security and law enforcement communities and at the same time to show off the best thinking of some of the sharpest minds those communities have produced.  Each week since our launch, Deep State Radio has brought together experts with special insights into the inner workings of politics, international relations, war, peace, markets and other sources of international power, conflict and comedy, advertent and otherwise.

The impact has been massive.  Dozens upon dozens of the world’s most influential nerds have added Deep State Radio to their daily workout routines, their commutes, their walks with their dogs, their cocktail hours and the other points in the day when an alternative take on the biggest issues of our time was needed.  And they did this despite the profanity and weapons grade snarkery of our commentators.  Or maybe because of it.  Who can tell?

Now, the Deep State Radio Network has grown out of those podcasts.  It offers other pod offerings including rants (audio opeds), explainers (deep dives with experts), daily briefs (a look at how insider information sources are covering the world) and swag (long a staple of the Deep State community.)  It also will offer special access to Deep State Live events (featuring Deep State Radio’s marginally well-known regular commentators) and over time, a series of brand new podcasts including Deep State Deep Dives (one-on-ones with Deep State insiders and newsmakers), vodcasts (so you can see us), interactive programs and other alternative takes.

One special objective of Deep State Radio is not just to offer the views of the insiders to whom others turn for expertise but to also seek out new voices—and to do so in a way that promotes in a way more main stream sites do not—real diversity of perspectives.  We don’t think you’ll stop listening, watching or reading other sources of information because we exist.  You just won’t need to listen to them anymore.  Or maybe we can help keep you sane (or sane adjacent) even after you do.

Deep State Radio Network is produced by TRG Media, LLC.. a division of The Rothkopf Group, LLC. It is editorially independent and committed to providing the highest quality, full range of perspectives on the issues it covers and especially to introducing a diverse group of new, next generation voices to our community of listeners.

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