Beware the Strengthening of Trump’s Praetorian Guard

Ratcliffe as DNI, like Barr at Justice, like Trump’s appointees to the Supreme Court and McConnell in the Senate, will be part of the president’s praetorian guard, men given positions of great power who have but a single mission, to protect and enable Trump.

Together, these men will ensure that Trump remains above the law and able to continue to attack the Constitution, corruptly profit from his office and sell out America to his Russian sponsors. Ratcliffe at DNI can do immense damage to efforts to protect our elections.

He can also help cover up the President’s wrong-doing, defend his overseas enablers, suppress or distort facts to buttress the relationships of the President and the arguments he makes for policies that support authoritarianism and more often than not gravely damage US interests.

Each line of defense-at Justice, in the Courts, in the Intelligence Community & in the Senate-will work individually and collectively to ensure Trump never pays a price for his crimes and that he is able to serve his narrow interests and those of his masters as long as he serves.

As recent history has shown, should leaders in the White House & intelligence community seek to twist facts to serve their arguments, great damage can be done. Ratcliffe, like Barr & McConnell, is a pure partisan and sees any attack on Trump as a threat–even if it is warranted.

Working in tandem with partisan media outlets like Fox, these men can turn Trump’s lies into effective truth, place the power of American institutions behind those lies…and in so doing put our entire country at even greater risk.

Don’t minimize this as another mere personnel move, more shuffling of names that don’t mean a thing. This is a consolidation of power among ultra-partisans who have no scruples and one that can play a big role in enabling Trump’s re-election and America’s decline.

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