Biden, the Underestimated Giant

Stealthily, without proportionate recognition, Joe Biden is not just having a good presidency, he’s having one that is historic in its concrete achievements and successes. The fair and balanced types in the media won’t characterize it fairly because to do so, would “feel” biased.

The opposition won’t cover it because it is not in their interests to tell the truth. (It’s why they never do.) Editors and producers will shy away from it because positive stories don’t sell like conflict does. Consequently, most of the media won’t present the simple facts.

It should be said, Biden uses the lack coverage to his advantage. He lets the crazies and the partisans and the weathervane pundits and the people who have forgotten that the first job of journalists is to report the truth as it is, as a kind of shield while he just does his job.

He sidesteps controversy. He does not rub his opponents’ noses in it every time he outmaneuvers them. (Yesterday he explicitly stated he was conscious of this, that he was not going to bang the drum about the debt deal because it would imperil it.)

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