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America is Just Going to Have to Learn to Accept Good News

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The Biden Administration, it seems, is on the verge of winning approval for its Build Back Better Package. If the deal is roughly as reported it will be between $1.5 and 2 trillion in fully paid for investments in America. Which means that in this year alone the Biden Administration will have overseen investments of $5 Trillion in the economy, the creation of 5 million jobs (more than the last three GOP administrations added up), distribution fo 200 million plus vaccines, significant economic growth, and much more. You wouldn’t know it from reading the press or following social media, but understanding just how big and beneficial all this is may be key to Democratic victories in 2022 which will be essential to preserving democracy in the U.S. We discuss how we got here and how to frame these achievements going forward with California Representative Ro Khanna, the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent and Dr. Kavita Patel, formerly of the Obama White House. Don’t miss this crucial conversation.

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