Defending Democratic Norms and Ideals: A Conversation with Evan McMullin

The Unredacted crew had a great conversation with former presidential candidate and CIA officer Evan McMullin. With 2020 in the air and talk of a third-party challenge to trump, the discussion about Evan’s 2016 run as an Independent candidate and what he thinks is needed to beat trump, is perfectly timed. Evan can’t tell every story from his CIA career but we got a lot of good ones out of him – including how to date when you can’t tell anyone what you do. After the CIA Evan worked as a Congressional aide to the House Republicans, and explains why he became a Never Trumper. He’s not done challenging trump, he’s got a new group holding trump’s feet to the fire. It’s an insightful and fun 45ish minutes. But a warning: when it’s done you might be mad it wasn’t 90. And remember: given Evan’s & Emily’s CIA background, what’s said on UNREDACTED stays on UNREDACTED. Enjoy…

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