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Finally, Mike Johnson Makes His Move to Shiv Marjorie Taylor Greene

With the Speaker moving forward on bills funding aid to Ukraine and Israel, braving MAGA fury, an influential Democratic Congresswoman lays out what we should expect to happen next.

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Here on the podcast we’ve repeatedly argued that Mike Johnson might ultimately allow a vote on military aid to Ukraine, even if it might get him ousted as speaker by MAGA forces in the House. Thankfully, this now looks real: The House GOP leadership is preparing to move forward with Ukraine aid as part of a broader set of billsand Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is furious. We talked to Democratic Representative Mikie Sherrill of New Jersey, a former U.S. Navy Pilot and member of the Armed Services Committee, who helped us unravel why Johnson is doing this now, its prospects for success, and the true extent of Russian influence over MAGA.

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