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How Bad Can it Get?: Don’t Ask

If you thought Trump’s acquittal by the Senate was the worst thing that could happen this week, you seem to be forgetting who you are dealing with.  First, the Senate trial had much value and was, by any reasonable assessment, a net benefit for the country even despite the fact that it wasn’t really a trial, was rigged and further empowered a bad president.  But in rapid succession we had awards for racists, calls for retribution against the president’s enemies, an announcement of Bill Barr further pressing his foot down on the throat of Justice and Trump giving one of the most unhinged and disturbing public performance of his presidency.  We discuss what all this means and where it can lead with three of the best commentators out there, Maya Wiley of the New School and an MSNBC commentator, Tom Nichols of the Naval War College and author of “The Death of Expertise” and our own Ryan Goodman of Just Security and NYU Law School.  You won’t want to miss this.  Essential listening.

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