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How Fox News Fabricated a Toxic Lie for Trump—and Why It’s So Alarming

With Fox helping Donald Trump suggest an FBI assassination plot was directed at him, veteran media reporter Brian Stelter explains how his bullying of the media would get worse in a second term.

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Donald Trump and his media propagandists have been preposterously suggesting the FBI under President Biden was set to use “lethal force” against Trump when it searched Mar-a-Lago. This fabrication was summoned into existence by Fox News and the right wing media. We talked with media reporter Brian Stelter, author of a great new piece on Trump in The New Republic’s “American Fascism” issue, who put all this in its larger context, explaining what the right wing media has become under Trump, and how he will bully non-compliant media outlets if reelected president. Listen to this episode here.

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