How To Start A Revolution – A Conversation With Lauren Duca


Love her or love her less, (UNREDACTED can’t get enough of her), Lauren Duca burst onto the public stage with a series of high-profile columns and media appearances. In December 2016 she wrote “Trump is Gaslighting America” — well ahead of the curve of the now common coverage of trump’s rampant deceit. That same month she bravely went on FOX News to tangle with host Tucker Carlson. Duca emerged from the showdown more emboldened and known than ever. In fact, after Carlson suggested she “stick to thigh high boots,” Lauren did exactly that when launching her new column “Thigh-High Politics” for Teen Vogue. We talked to Lauren about her wild ride, and her new book, “How to Start a Revolution: Young People and the future of American Politics.”

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