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If You Think Post-Impeachment Hearings Depression is Bad, Wait Till You See What’s Next

Adam Schiff masterfully conducted impeachment hearings that made the case that Donald Trump sought to bribe and extort the president of Ukraine, using his official office to advance personal interests. The case is a lock. Except if facts don’t matter. Or if you don’t care. And that’s the GOP position. And guess what comes next? Distractions and circuses and Bill Barr investigations into the origins of the Mueller Report and Lindsay Graham fishing expeditions on Hunter Biden and the High Court of noted champion of fairness in government Mitch McConnell. In other words, a shitshow wrapped in a goatfuck shrouded in a partisan perversion of justice. But don’t guess at what’s coming next, listen to former US attorney and commentator Harry Litman and NYU Law professor Ryan Goodman as they prepare you for the worst…and why to cling to hope. Tune in.

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