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Is This a “Break Glass in Emergency” Moment?

Donald Trump says he’s never even heard of Brett McGurk, but that’s what he says whenever he feels jilted. On today’s episode of Deep State Radio, Rosa Brooks stands in for David Rothkopf as host, and DSR regulars Ryan Goodman and David Sanger are joined by Brett McGurk, who hurt Trump’s feelings very badly when he resigned as Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL in late 2018. Rosa, Brett, David and Ryan talk about whether the last week has been a “break glass in emergency” moment for the nation’s senior military leaders, whether everyone left in the Trump administration should resign en masse, and whether the US need an ROTC-type program for future diplomats. David admits to having a pet cow, Rosa defends the ugly chair in her Zoom background and admires Sebastian Gorka’s leather vest, and Kori Schake’s laugh is sorely missed. Don’t miss it!

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