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Let’s Not Screw Up This Impeachment Thing, OK?

Next week public hearings on impeachment will begin.  Democrats, led by Rep. Adam Schiff, will make the case that Donald Trump sought to bribe a foreign official, one of the few high crimes and misdemeanors specified in the Constitution’s article on impeachment.  Republicans will argue he did not and will seek to derail the hearings or attack the witnesses.  At stake is the future of the rule of law in America.  We discuss with Ryan Goodman of “Just Security” and NYU Law School and Kate Shaw of Cardozo Law School just how the case might best be made and what the pitfalls are likely to be.  We also discuss the latest breaking news in the multiple current cases against Trump and his associates.  And, we try to go inside the mind of Attorney General Bill Barr so you don’t have to.  Don’t miss this important, insight-rich episode.

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