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MAGA Justices’ Shameless Pro-Trump Trickery Is About to Get Much Worse

As the Supreme Court's ethical crises mount, a veteran political strategist explains how the court's MAGA justices are already giving Trump a big electoral assist—and why it's about to get uglier.

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Any day now, the Supreme Court will rule on Donald Trump’s demand for immunity from prosecution for alleged insurrection-related crimes. Depending on how the court rules, it’s still possible Trump’s trial will begin before the election. But what if the damage is already done? Veteran labor strategist Michael Podhorzer has an important new piece on his Substack arguing that the MAGA-friendy justices and the court have already interfered in the election by delaying the trial to the degree it has—and that this is about to get worse. We talked to Podhorzer about why he thinks the court is pushing our country into a deep crisis.

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