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MAGA’s Eruptions of Rage at CNN Reveal Why Project 2025 Is So Ominous

With MAGA enraged at the very idea of fact-checking Trump, a leading critic of our discourse explains how Project 2025 would help MAGA transform the government into a weapon against truth.

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MAGA personalities raged at CNN when it refused to allow a Donald Trump propagandist to smear journalists on air. They exploded again when CNN announced that the debate would be fact checked. We think this provides an unexpected glimpse into what Project 2025’s implementation might look like. This thought was driven home by a must-read thread from writer David Roberts about Project 2025’s true aims. So we talked to Roberts about what MAGA’s hostility to neutral journalism portends for a second Trump termone that wrecks the professional, fact-based civil service and transforms government into a tool for manufacturing propaganda.

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