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“No Need to Thank Us, America. It’s What We Do.”: The Deep State Rides to the Rescue Again

The not-so-secret secret of Trump foreign policy is that there is no policy.  But the better kept secret is that we have one seeming policy from the President himself and then another, which is the effort of professionals in the government to keep the President from getting us all killed.  It’s not really the Deep State conspiracy whack jobs would have you believe in.  It’s the hidden check of our system: patriotic pros in our government who won’t be corrupted by the corrupt or dumbed down by the dumb.  Case in point: Syria.  Another case in point: Ukraine.  Join the great Rosa Brooks, the irreplaceable Kori Schake and the brilliant Ed Luce for another great, timely discussion on urgent issues–but maybe, just maybe this one won’t leave you curled up under your bed.

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