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Public Health is Far More Than Just COVID: A Conversation with Dr. Leana Wen

The vast majority of gains in life expectancy during the past century have been due not to miracle cures but to public health measures like sanitation.  The key to their success was empowering and trusting our public health officials.  We live in a time when an organized minority is this country is seeking to discredit them and when much of our public health mission–like care for addiction or psychosis–is left to the police and other agencies ill suited to the care these problems require.  Dr. Leana Wen is a noted physician, commentator and former Public Health Commissioner of Baltimore.  She has written an important new book on the role of public health in our society based on her own, inspiring life journey.  We discuss that book, “Lifelines: A Doctor’s Journey in the Fight for Public Health”, with her in this special episode of the podcast.  Join us.

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