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Required Reading – Week of February 14, 2022

David continues to be hard at work on his book.  So this week, I’m racking up all the most important pieces that you need to read on foreign policy and national security issues.

From DSR Regulars

Ed Luce wrote about how Biden should respond to Putin’s aggression towards Ukraine in the Financial Times.

David Sanger along with his colleagues Julian Barnes and Eric Schmitt wrote two pieces about how the Intelligence Community is taking on the Ukraine crisis. 

Finally, as mentioned on our latest episode, Kori Schake wrote a Guest Essay in the New York Times about President Biden’s Russia policy.

The Best of the Rest

Anne Applebaum from The Atlantic wrote a very thought provoking article on the failure of diplomacy when it comes to Russia.

This joint effort on the latest news related to the ongoing protests in Canada in the Washington Post is large enough in scope to bring you up to speed if you have not been following the issues closely.  You can also listen to a discussion of this issue on The Daily.

As David mentioned on the podcast, Ukraine was recently the victim of more cyberattacks including against their Defense Ministry and State Banks.  Valerie Hopkins has the story in the New York Times.

Out of the Headlines

In foreign policy and national security, I often find that the most interesting and important stuff is happening off the front page.  By the time crises get to the front page, the scope of available action is often limited.  So here are a few things to keep your eye on.

This week Rep. Gottheimer released an early draft of legislation about stablecoins.  For a longer read on why this matters I would recommend this Belfer Center report.

France may be withdrawing from Mali and Russia might be moving in.

Myanmar is skipping the ASEAN ministerial summit after being downgraded to only sending non-political representation.

For Your Enjoyment

Emma Bubola and Raphael Minder have the reporting you need on Putin’s long table.

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