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Rosie the Riveter Would Have Worn a Mask–Trump Must Too

Donald Trump likes to talk a lot about being a wartime president. But wartime presidents lead by example and inspire the country to set aside politics to focus on a common goal. This week, Trump is headed to Michigan to view how the state went from being the arsenal of democracy in the 40s to the “arsenal of health” today. According to Rep. Debbie Dingell who represents Michigan’s 12th Congressional District, factory workers will be watching closely as they know the right example and practices are key to opening factories and restoring their livelihoods. Dingell joins us for a special conversation about the crisis, the solution she thinks is required (infrastructure plays a big role), and how Trump is likely to fair in that key battleground state later this year. She’s felt the brunt of this national disaster in very personal ways and her passion about the urgency of recovery is palpable throughout our conversation. Do not miss it.

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