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Sex in the CIA: Four Former CIA Officers Dish About Sex and Spies

If you think getting your parents approval on whom you date is tough, try getting the CIA to approve your boyfriend or girlfriend.  Dating like anything in the CIA is ridiculous and yes it even involves paperwork. I heard the twitter requests and I finally did it. I invited three former CIA officers to join me on my show to talk SEX. We dished about the rules, the regulations and the horror stories of dating and (wink wink) dating in the CIA. We talk honey-traps, surveillance, dating cess pools, the CIA officer who got caught getting a blow……well you have to tune in to hear that story.  We had a safe word on the podcast (which was popcorn) that we could use if things got too heated…we used the safe word. We get down, dirty and give you the real unredacted inside scoop.

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