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Stephen Walt on Why Less is More in the Middle East and Where Donald Trump Has (Accidentally) Gotten It Right

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Once upon a time Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer wrote a blockbuster book called “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy.”  Deep State Radio Host David Rothkopf slammed it.  But if you are tuning in to hear the two of them go at each other, you’ll be disappointed.  Rothkopf admits to Walt he felt his critique of the book was over the top and that Walt and Mearsheimer helped trigger an important conversation in the U.S.  Then the two discuss the state of the US-Israel relationship today and why it is so ugly, the best approach for the U.S. in a changing Middle East and where the first two years of Trump foreign policy have left us.  (We’re still alive, so there’s that.)  Tune in for a lively, wide-ranging conversation.

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