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The View from Texas and Biden’s Economic Success Story

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With less than two weeks left before the midterms, Simon Rosenberg of NDN and Tara McGowan of Good Information and Courier Newsroom, are focusing on the races and issues driving turnout.  In our first segment, they talk with Nick Rathod, Campaign Manager of Beto O’Rourke’s Gubernatorial bid about the state of the race, their innovative messaging strategy, and how to build a structure for future progressive victories.  After that, Simon and Tara are joined by Robert Shapiro, an economist who is the cofounder and chairman of Sonecon, to discuss the impact Biden’s economic policy has had and how Democrats can more effectively tell that story.  Members of the DSR Network get a bonus segment about the races and storylines they are following in the waning days of the election cycle.  Don’t miss it.

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