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The Accountability Conundrum: How Do We Form Commissions to Investigate 1/6 or COVID in the Current Political Environment?

When the 9/11 Commission was formed in the wake of the Al Qaeda attacks on the US, the current was united in grief and anger but politically polarized and it was very difficult to find a path forward that would be credible and an effective driver of reform.  But the divisions of the early 2000s were nothing compared to what we have today and the problem is compounded by the active culpability one political party has in both of the issues that demand investigation.  So, how do we get to accountability today?  We discuss this question with former 9/11 Commissioner, former Indiana congressman Tim Roemer as well as Ryan Goodman of NYU Law School and “Just Security” and Dr. Kavita Patel of the Brookings Institution and former senior Obama White House staffer.  Join us.

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