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The DSR Daily Brief Newsletter – Thursday, May 12, 2022

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The Moscow-installed administration in occupied Kherson says it’s requesting Russian annexation. A policeman in Kharkiv is arrested for ‘collaborating with Russia.’ The wives of soldiers trapped in the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol meet with the Pope and ask him to intercede. 

The Americas

Vice President Kamala Harris and Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov strike a deal for the US to replace Russian liquid natural gas (LNG). Deputy Minister of Economy Georgi Danailov says the deal has been in the works since the outbreak of war. The US gas will reportedly be cheaper than Russia’s. 

After falling out of favor with institutional investors, oil and gas are making a comeback, in the wider geopolitical context. 

Europe and Central Asia

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson signs declarations of defense support for Sweden and Finland. This is ahead of both countries’ widely anticipated move to join NATO. Finland’s leaders signaled their intent on NATO membership this morning. Russia inevitably vowed retaliation, but Finns seem ready to face down threats from Moscow. Again.

Adding to a host of other economic woes in Turkey, the lira hits a 2022 year low in depreciation against the dollar.

A Wagner mercenary publishes a tell-all memoir in France, including a recent stint in Ukraine. 

The Indo-Pacific

The war, Covid and climate change are the trifecta driving up global food prices. Some examples: China had its ‘worst ever’ wheat crop this year and key soybean producer Brazil was affected by a ‘severe drought’ in 2021.

In a Tokyo news conference, EU leaders convey their  interest in a bigger role for the EU in Asia’s ‘theatre of tensions.’

The Middle East and Africa

Germany’s LNG supply talks with Qatar hit a snag. Saudi Arabia and UAE energy ministers react to the US Senate-proposed NOPEC bill

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