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The DSR Daily Brief Newsletter – Wednesday, April 20, 2022

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The Czech Republic offers support to Ukraine in the form of repair services for armored vehicles. Up first: T-64 tanks.

US robotics company AeroEnvironment donates over 100 Quantix Recon Unmanned Aircraft Systems to Ukraine’s defense ministry. This is in addition to AeroEnvironment technology made available through the US Government, according to Ukraine sources. 

Finally, Ukraine may be receiving more aircraft from Western governments, but its fighter pilots are appealing directly to wealthy do-gooders.

The process of aiding Ukraine feels slow – and objectively is for the millions directly affected. There is cold comfort in the idea that even the most well-intentioned nations don’t have the luxury of hasty action with nuclear weapons in play. It is nevertheless heartening to see progress being made on logistical support. 

The Americas

Biden will host leaders from Southeast Asian nations in May. Post-Covid economic recovery and climate policy are on the agenda. Biden also plans to appeal the Trump-appointed federal judge’s ruling against a travel mask mandate. 

A report finds that Google’s ad exchange is still serving ads on ‘Russia-linked’ sites. Google officially suspended ads in Russia in early March. Separately, the tech giant was credited with ‘unblurring’ satellite images of Russian military sites. However, Google’s spokesperson denies involvement.

In war-related energy news: Halliburton’s business is drilling, and business is good. 

The fossil fuel industry faces a financial – if not moral – reckoning some day, but urgency and political expediency have put that on hold. There is evidence that green energy acceleration will result from the conflict. In the meantime, purely financial actors can be expected to exploit the geopolitical arbitrage.

Europe and Central Asia

May 5th marks the 77th anniversary of the liberation of prisoners from the Mauthausen concentration camp. Austria asked ambassadors from Russia and Belarus not to attend. 

Being officially disinvited from a Holocaust remembrance because your views are deemed ‘inconsistent’ with spirit of honoring Holocaust survivors speaks for itself. However, with the recent resurgence of the far-right in Austria, it’s nice to know there’s a threshold.

The Indo-Pacific

Japan pursues legislation to strip Russia of ‘most favored nation’ status. China’s fiscal revenue growth slows. A news station in Taiwan ‘accidentally’ broadcasts a fictional report of a Chinese invasion.

The Middle East and Africa

Saudi Arabia reportedly ‘pushed’ the elected president in Yemen to ‘step aside.’ A two-month ceasefire is still largely in effect, except in oil-rich Marib.

DSR Exclusives

On the latest episode of Deep State Radio, David Rothkopf and Rosa Brooks discuss the lessons of Ukraine, nearly two months in, with guests Michael Weiss and Peter W. Singer

Tune in to tomorrow’s podcast for new and evolving stories. 

The DSR Network Team (Chris Cotnoir, Grant Haver, and Katherine Hill)

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