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The End of the Great Russia Hoax Hoax

There is one and only one major hoax associated with the relationship between Donald Trump and the Russian government during the 2016 elections. That’s the hoax hoax, Trump’s denials that he worked with Russian intelligence to get elected. This week’s report from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence should finally set that hoax to rest. The bipartisan report not only documents in detail how closely Team Trump worked with the GRU, it also detailed many of the ways they sought to obstruct justice, hide evidence and impede investigators.  We discuss the report with four experts: Natasha Bertrand of Politico, Michael Weiss of The Daily Beast, Josh Campbell of CNN and Susan Hennessey of Lawfare. And then, while we’re at it, we discuss what the Russians are up to now since 2016 was such a big success for them. Don’t miss it.

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