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The Last of the Grown Ups Is Leaving the Building

Dan Coats was not a perfect Director of National Intelligence, but he was a good one, a truth-teller in an administration of slavering sycophants.  He will be missed, especially since his replacement is another sycophant of the mouth-frothing variety and someone who will become a key part of a new Praetorian Guard surrounding Trump. Like Barr and McConnell he will place Trump and the GOP above national security at a moment of serious threats.  It’s not good.  We discuss with our original Fab Four of experts Rosa Brooks, Kori Schake, Ed Luce and David Sanger.  Which of the four is John, Paul, George or Ringo?  Tune in as we discuss and we also consider the rise in Trumpism worldwide, stirrings of people power movements and a summer that reminds us just how severe the climate crisis is.

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