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The One In Which Kori Schake Shuts Down the Biden Campaign Before It Gets Started

It has been a busy week in foreign affairs even if you have been too glued to the Mueller Report, the White House Easter Egg roll and Game of Thrones to pay any attention.  Ukraine elected a comedian with no government experience as president and while that was a triumph for democracy, well, now comes the hard part.  The US ratcheted up tensions with Iran and we all know where that’s going.  North Korea tweaked the president with a test of a new weapons system.  And…the Democratic presidential race got one candidate with a big foreign policy pedigree.  But we must ask, does such a pedigree matter or is something else more important.  Tune in to listen to Kori Schake slam home that answer in the midst of quotes from the “Far Side” and Walt Whitman and then to listen the German Marshall Fund’s Laura Rosenberger, formerly Hillary Clinton’s top foreign policy advisor, offer a perspective on what really matters in a candidate.

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