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The One in Which They Scare the Shit Out of You

We are about to enter a period of national catastrophe unlike any we have ever seen, unlike the past year, unlike wars through which we have lived.  Mass death during this time is preventable if you listen to scientists and use common sense.  But half the country does not.  They have embraced an 11th Century combination of superstition and ignorance and are condemning their relatives, their neighbors and their friends to death.  Even with a vaccine and competent administration on the horizon, the next three months will be terrible and the crisis may linger into next summer.  For all these reasons, listen to this special conversation with Dr. Kavita Patel, a practicing physician who is also a former top Obama White House health policy official, Laurie Garrett, Pulitzer Prize-winning expert on pandemics, and Ryan Goodman of “Just Security” and NYU Law School.  It is a conversation you will want to share with your family and friends.

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