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The Republican Centipede: It’s a Horror Movie, but for Whom?

In the wake of impeachment, all eyes turn to the Senate.  Will delaying handing over the articles of impeachment buy the Democrats any leverage?  Will buying time be enough with new bad news for Trump breaking daily–such as the report it was Putin who told him about Ukraine interference in 2016 or the magazine Christianity Today coming out for the president’s removal from office?  Or will the Senate sham trial come and go but these constant developments put the GOP in an ever weaker position.  Many shoes are yet to drop.  That’s why we call it the Republican Centipede (Well, at least that’s one possible reason).  Join former US Attorney and MSNBC commentator Joyce White Vance and NYU Law and Just Security’s Ryan Goodman for a do-not-miss episode on the week’s biggest story.

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