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The Soleimani Killing Was the First Wag-the-Dog Episode of the Trump 2020 Campaign…Whose Dog Will Be Next?

The president has no foreign policy expertise, no advisors, no morals, no scruples and he is in deep political hot water at home.  So naturally, he wags the dog with an attack on Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.  He does it in spite of international law.  He lies about it.  He doesn’t think through the consequences.  And he survives politically.  So, now you know that as this year of ever-increasing pressure on the president progresses, he’s bound to try it again.  What dog will he wag next?  And which of the issues raised by last week’s attack will have the most enduring consequences.  We discuss with Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law School and Kori Schake the head of the Foreign Policy and Defense program at the American Enterprise Institute…and it’s not a discussion to miss.

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