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The Threat Is Not War With Iran, It’s Right Here at Home

Trump talks tough. But like most bullies, he shies away from any real fight. The problem is talking tough increases tensions and that raises the risk of accidental war (made more possible by the fact our National Security Advisor is a pyromaniac with a box of matches). But scary as all that is, more dangerous is what is happening at home–both in terms of the GOP war on our democracy, on women, on immigrants and on our every standard of decency and in terms of what has been a pretty sluggish response to it all by the Democrats in the Congress. What’s next and why you should always have a basement full of non-perishable treats are what we discuss with DSR regular Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law School and our friends from the Unredacted from DSR podcast, Philippe Reines, Molly Jong-Fast and Emily Brandwin. Tune in!

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