The Three C’s: Comey, CIA & Corgis: Former FBI Agent and CNN Law Enforcement Analyst Josh Campbell

As the fallout from the Mueller Report continues to reverberate across America, UNREDACTED had a fascinating conversation with former FBI agent Josh Campbell. As Special Assistant to Jim Comey while the FBI investigated both major candidates (but only publicly revealed the one aimed at Hillary Clinton!), Josh had a front row seat to the most controversial period in the FBI’s history. While Josh was beside Comey — literally up until the moment he was fired (Josh recounts that surreal day) — Philippe was working with Hillary. A big chunk of the episode is Josh & Philippe having a thoughtful exchange about their parallel experiences in 2016, working on two sides of the same coin. While Philippe didn’t pull any (constructive) punches about Comey, he wasn’t venting. Instead, he was trying to understand — and help the audience understand — one of the most contentious and momentous moments in America history, the aftermath of which will be felt for many years to come. Josh being former FBI and Emily former CIA and current Resister, she had a unique perspective throughout from straddling both worlds. The crew ended the taping with a far more fun topic: Josh’s famous corgi Wilshire. Josh is a truly wonderful person, and we hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we did taping it…

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