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The Two Men Who Made America Love the KGB (sort of) – My Conversation with the Executive Producers of The Americans

Only geniuses (evil, wonderful, tv geniuses) can create a show where the audience roots, yes roots for the KGB.  And lucky me, I got to chat with those two evil geniuses, the Executive Producers of The Americans, Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields. I’ve known these two talented guys for years, so it was a thrill to sit down and ask them all the questions that so many fans have: Is Paige getting a spinoff?  Is Renee a spy? Why did you have to kill off Nina? And poor Martha (not a question…just a statement).  We also talked disguises, the suitcase scene and musicals (obvs). Ask anyone in the Intelligence Community and they’ll tell you the best spy show is The Americans.  If you’re a fan of this show –this is the episode for you.

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