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The Ukraine Daily Brief Newsletter – March 16, 2022

The latest episode of the Ukraine Daily Brief Podcast is now available. Please be sure to listen and review (we know you are receiving the podcast in the member feed, but reviews help with discoverability). Some notable links referenced in today’s podcast can be viewed here.

The War

Ukraine’s forces mount a counteroffensive against Russia’s in Kyiv. Another two journalists were killed in an attack outside of Kyiv. The situation in Mariupol is increasingly dire. In some rare good news, the mayor of Melitopol was released after five days.


Russia pursues retaliatory, but ultimately toothless, sanctions against top US officials. Coal prices are on the rise.


Ukraine is using Clearview AI to identify Russian soldiers and the war dead. The head of Yandex, Russia’s largest tech firm, quits following surprise EU sanctions.


Russia leaves the Council of Europe ahead of expulsion. An unintended consequence is its ability to reinstate the death penalty. The Turkish foreign minister will travel to Russia and Ukraine in an attempt to broker peace talks.

U.S. and the World

Zelensky invokes Pearl Harbor, 9/11 in his appeal to US Congress. Biden announces a NATO summit. The fact and extent of China’s aid to Russia remains in dispute.

DSR Exclusives

Dmitri Alperovitch: ‘A negotiated solution is less and less likely the longer this goes on.” 

David Sanger: Putin isn’t seriously pursuing a cessation in hostilities.

Tune in to tomorrow’s podcast for new and evolving stories. 

The DSR Network Team (Chris Cotnoir, Grant Haver, and Katherine Hill)

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