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The Ukraine Daily Brief Newsletter – Thursday, March 24, 2022

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The War

Strikes in Luhansk kill at least four people, including two children. Ukraine strikes Russian warship in the port of Berdyansk. Zelensky says Russia is using phosphorus bombs.  A Russian journalist with ties to Bellingcat, Navalny is killed in Kyiv attack. The father of a Ukrainian journalist is kidnapped. 


Demand for LNG payment in rubles is a ‘breach of contract,’ says Scholz. PGNiG SA President says ruble payment isn’t possible. Traders, bankers seek reassurances from custodian banks on Russian assets.


Fortnite creator redirects millions to Ukraine relief.


Russia conducts naval exercises, requests NOTAM in and around the Norwegian Sea. NATO is in discussions to supply Ukraine with anti-ship missiles. Shoigu is MIA.  Renault re-suspends Moscow operations following calls for a global boycott.

U.S. and the World

UNGA votes overwhelmingly to demand aid and civilian protection in Ukraine. The US will accept ‘up to 100,000’ refugees from Ukraine and ‘donate’ $1 billion to aid Europe with the refugee crisis. Yermak to Bennett: thank you for mediation efforts, please send Pegasus. Zelensky asked the US not to sanction Abramovich, viewing him as a mediator in peace talks. Raimondo had stern words for Chinese firms violating Russia export controls. 

DSR Exclusives

“Spies, Lies, and Algorithms” author Amy Zegart: US response to Russia is a poster child’ for intelligence innovation and ‘inoculation’ against disinformation

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The DSR Network Team (Chris Cotnoir, Grant Haver, and Katherine Hill)

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