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The Ukraine Daily Brief Newsletter – Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The latest episode of the Ukraine Daily Brief Podcast is now live. Please be sure to listen and review (we know that many of you are receiving the podcast in our member feed, but reviews help with discoverability). Some notable links referenced in today’s podcast can be viewed here.

The War

Ukrainian marines are still holding the strategically crucial Azovstal district in Mariupol, despite grim circumstances. Russia increases aerial bombardment and claims that hundreds of marines have already surrendered. 

Zelensky offers to trade recently captured Putin ally, Medvedchuk, for Ukrainian POWs.


Spiking fuel costs are a boon to the US corn lobby. China’s trade with Russia is up 12% since last year, despite a sanctions-related slowdown. Chinese oil and gas producer CNOOC plans to exit Britain, the US and Canada.


With IT workers in increasingly short supply, Russia adjusts its digital iron curtain ambitions downward to monitoring the origin of inbound DDoS attacks. 


In its latest crackdowns on dissent, Russia detains a prominent Kremlin critic and raids the office of a former Aeroflot executive. Reports emerge that the ‘Minsk Protocol’ was designed as a ‘path to Ukraine’s capitulation.’ Latvia’s Foreign Minister writes: ‘it is clear that [the] only country in the world that needs real denazification is the Russian Federation.’ German MP and defense policy spokesperson, Marcus Faber, announces that Germany will ‘quickly’ deliver heavy equipment to Ukraine. 

U.S. and the World

US politicians exploit inflation discontent to rally support and assign blame. POTUS weighs in.

The US names a new commander in Europe. The Arctic Council’s Cold Response 2022 exercises continue with Norway at the helm. NATO offers a helpful primer on the strategic relevance of these operations.

DSR Exclusives

David Rothkopf, Rosa Brooks and Ed Luce speak with former US Ambassador to NATO, Ivo Daalder, about ‘Putin’s colossal blunder.’

Tune in to tomorrow’s podcast for new and evolving stories.

The DSR Network Team (Chris Cotnoir, Grant Haver, and Katherine Hill)

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