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The Week in Trump: When Is a Trial Not a Trial, a Hoax Not a Hoax, and a Big Trade Deal Neither Big Nor a Trade Deal?

As the Senate impeachment trial looms, Republicans seem not to understand what a trial is.  They don’t want witnesses.  They don’t want evidence.  They especially don’t want witnesses or facts that might further implicate the president in crimes.  But if they seek no evidence do they also then accept the House’s view of the facts as the final truth?  Is their stirring defense of the president that they don’t care that what he does was illegal rather than proving he didn’t do it?  We discuss with Mieke Eoyang of the Third Way.  Then we turn to Trump’s apparent view that if the accusations are a hoax then a fake trade deal can sufficiently distract from it to make it all go away.  In fact, GOP counter-programming to the impeachment this week has been two trade deals–one with China and the USMCA.  Why did they pick trade?  Are these deals significant?  And what is the future of trade for the U.S.  We discuss with Fred Hochberg, former Eximbank Chairman and author of a great new book entitled “Trade is Not a Four Letter Word.”  Don’t miss this special episode.

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