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The Worst Public Health Crisis in US History May Be About to Get Worse – Full Member Episode

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We may be at another dangerous inflection point in the nearly two year long COVID pandemic. The first Omicron variant cases are appearing in the US. This new mutant version of the virus has many disturbing differences with prior iterations of COVID. President Biden has launched new steps to help contain a resurgence of the disease…but are they enough? Do we have a strategy? How will the anti-science, anti-vax, anti-mask campaign of the GOP impact this? Are new economic, social and political shocks likely to follow? We discuss these critical issues with Pulitzer Prize-winning science journalist Laurie Garrett and former Obama health policy coordinator Dr. Kavita Patel. Don’t miss it.

Note: Transcripts are machine generated and lightly edited for speaker names.

The Worst Public Health Cri… by Grant Haver

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