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The Zebra Problem and Russiagate as the Original Sin of the Trump Administration

As one of our guests on this week’s episode, Max Bergmann of the Center for American Progress pointed out, the Trump Administration presents the so-called “Zebra Problem.”  Zebra’s stripes might not appear great camouflage against green or ground plains, but they are a very effective aid in helping individual zebras blend in against the backdrop of the herd, providing good protection against lions.  The Trump equivalent is being responsible for so many crimes that they all tend to blur together–which may have the effect of lulling the public to inaction and keeping Trump & Co. from ending up wearing stripes.  That said, as Max and our other guest, Joe Cirincione of the Ploughshares Fund point out, another consequence of Trump’s serial abuses is that while the Russia case may get the headlines, it may have been the least of the blows they have struck against America and American worldwide leadership.  But look more closely and you will see that Trump-Russia touches almost all of Trump’s dangerous international policies and our great discussion with these two explains why.  Tune in for important perspectives that are seldom offered!

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