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There’s Got to be a Morning After

Someday soon Tuesday November 3 will end.  It may not be for a few weeks.  Our president seems to want to make sure it never ends…because when it does, likely, he will too.  But someday it’ll happen and we’ll have to figure out what hit us and what’s going to happen next.  To tackle that big job, we have a special broadcast that will include an extraordinary array of commentators.  During our first half we are joined by Max Boot of the Washington Post, David Sanger of the New York Times and Kori Schake of the American Enterprise Institute.  In our second half, we are joined by author Mary Trump, the FT’s Ed Luce, former Hillary Clinton campaign spokesperson Karen Finney and the Third Way’s Mieke Eoyang.  They offer insights you won’t hear anywhere else.  Join us.

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