To Impeach or Not To Impeach: Why It’s Still A Question

This week, UNREDACTEDDSR features former White House Press Secretary & current host of the Words Matter podcast, Joe Lockhart. Back in April — right before UNREDACTEDDSR premiered — our very own co-host Philippe Reines was a guest on Joe’s podcast to debate whether To Impeach Or Not To Impeach. The debate followed The New York Times running opeds from each of them — Philippe arguing for impeachment, Joe against. Listeners loved their first back & forth, so it’s well worth the listen as a primer to this rematch. Two months later, by popular demand we revisit their debate with the benefit of all that’s happened since, most notably the completion and release of The Mueller Report, Attorney General Bill Barr’s misrepresenting Mueller’s conclusions, Mueller pushing back, and trump himself thumbing his nose at every attempt by Congress to fulfill its oversight responsibilities. We then shifted to a straight interview of Joe and his feelings about how Sarah Sanders filled the role he held under President Clinton. Joe’s never spoken ill of any of the tight community of White House Press Secretaries. Until Sanders. With her, Joe doesn’t mince words about her lying and the damage she has done enabling trump. It’s a great conversation in and of itself so we’re going to release that as its own episode as the door hits Sanders on the way. For now, enjoy Round 2.

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