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Trump is a One Man Crime Wave…and What Do the Dems Do Now?

From describing Trump’s violations of the Constitution’s foreign and domestic emoluments clauses as the Trump Administration’s “original sin” to grappling with a Manhattan phone book-length list of presidential crimes, Representative Jamie Raskin of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees presents us with the current state of the impeachment efforts in the U.S. Congress.  Raskin is one of Trump’s most effective and thoughtful critics and his impassioned discussion of the president’s serial abuses is must-listening.  The second half of this episode is then the first in the series of behind-the-scenes powers in the Democratic Party and their views on how to achieve victory in 2020.  Our guest is our friend and founding partner, Bernard Schwartz, a leading Dem donor and thought leader who brings to bear his decades of experience to frame the race ahead.  Join us for two wide-ranging and illuminating conversations.

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