Trump: The Traitor in Chief

The thin strand of legitimacy by which Trump’s presidency hangs requires that he defend criminal activity that is a profound, direct threat to American national security. His main job as president has become to say colluding with a foreign enemy is a perfectly OK thing to do.

The careers of his aides and his Congressional allies depend on them supporting this dangerous thesis and defending the president. The result has been a collapse of the oversight and systems of justice that would otherwise defend us.

This underscores that what the Russians did with the active assistance of Trump was not “meddling in an election.” It was the active destruction of U.S. institutions, values and standing and the weakening of our defenses to enable them to attack at will in the future.

The president said this on national television. It follows on the heels of his WH arguing that only the executive branch can judge the president…in other words, only the president can judge himself…effectively putting him above the law.

Another attack on our Constitution. Another attack on our values. And once again in broad daylight. This DOES NOT require a Congressional investigation. It just happened. Before the eyes of each and every one of us.

Further the president and his team are demonstrating that each every day they are in office, each and every day they are not stopped, each and every day there is are no consequences for their attacks on our laws…they will continue to do damage.

Is what Trump and his team are doing outrageous? Yes! But the inaction of the Congress in the face of these on-going, visible, stunning violations is just as outrageous! There is no excuse. There is no reason to wait. The alarms are sounding. The risk is extraordinarily high.

Should Congress add counts to its articles of impeachment that pertain to obstruction of justice, campaign finance violations, serial lying to the people, violation of human rights at the border, etc.? Yes. But let that happen in due course. Some, decisive action is required now.

Right now. Or those who fail to act will be as complicit as the president, his foreign enemy associates, his aides, and his Congressional enablers.

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