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t’s a Great Time to Be a Nuke!

President Trump became the first American president to enter North Korea.  That’s the good news.  He also seems to be heading for a deal with North Korea that may freeze their nuclear arsenal at 20-60 warheads.  That’s not so good.  It’s not good because we will then reward Kim Jong Un for building that arsenal by lifting sanctions, we will get only nominal gains, like the shutdown of perhaps one aging nuclear facility, and because well…it’s a deal with a country that has broken its last two nuclear deals with us.  The Iranians are watching eagerly thinking, “We want one of those deals.”  So…maybe let’s hold off on the celebrations of a breakthrough for a bit.  David Sanger of the New York Times, Rosa Brooks of Georgetown Law Center and Evelyn Farkas of the German Marshall Fund discuss in an important, scary episode.  Tune in!

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