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Ukraine Daily Brief for April 4 2022

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The twenty-sixth episode of the Ukraine Daily Brief from the Deep State Radio Network.

Stories cited in the podcast:

Hundreds of murdered civilians discovered as Russians withdraw from towns near Kyiv (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

EU must discuss import ban on Russian gas, Germany says

Macron wants complete stop of coal and oil exports from Russia to EU after Bucha “war crimes”

Russia asks U.N. Security Council to discuss Bucha ‘provocation’

Ukrainian troops have retaken full control of Kyiv region, says deputy defence minister

Russia shifting focus to eastern Ukraine, US officials say

U.S. Will Help Transfer Soviet-Made Tanks to Ukraine

A Red Cross convoy has still not reached Mariupol, the organization says.

Stoltenberg: Finland and Sweden will be ‘very much welcomed’ if they decide to join NATO

‘It’s a radical change’: The prospect of Finland joining Nato draws nearer

Sweden open to NATO membership, could reconsider non-alignment policy

Germany works to cut Russian control of critical energy facilities

Lithuania says it has stopped importing gas from Russia.

Russia’s total number of COVID-related deaths hits nearly 778,000

Number of Ukrainians at US-Mexico border seeking US asylum grows

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