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Ukraine Daily Brief Newsletter – Thursday, April 14, 2022

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: As the stories in Ukraine and around the world are evolving, the Ukraine Daily Brief will be evolving as well. Starting next week, we are going to be expanding the scope of the show to cover issues happening in other regions of the world. We will still cover updates on Ukraine, but you can also expect us to talk about issues like the COVID outbreak in Shanghai, the protests in Sri Lanka, and the election in France – all in less than 10 minutes. Stay tuned as we transition and let us know what you think:

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The War

The famous flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet, the Moskva, is hit, reportedly by Ukrainian missiles. Russia confirms that the crew was forced to abandon ship. Ukrainian officials also report that its forces in Kharkiv destroyed a bridge – and part of the Russian convoy traveling over it. 

Russia uses a ‘traitor’ stamp to humiliate and discredit its own soldiers.


Global businesses tally losses. Goldman Sachs flags 45 companies ‘isolated’ by supply chain issues. Emerging market debt is deeply discounted; fund managers take note. Reuters reports on a profit motive for delisting Russian company depository receipts. Russia expands its search for new oil and gas markets. 


The disruption to Ukraine’s ‘silicon valley’ is felt globally. Tech giants have an odd new red line. 


Russia threatens to ‘move nukes’ to the Baltic region if Finland and Sweden join NATO. However, Lithuania says that Russia already has nuclear weapons on the Baltic Sea. Finland has nuclear ambitions of a different nature. Arming Ukraine divides Berlin. France’s military and monetary contributions to Ukraine are less than those of Estonia.

U.S. and the World

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen issues a warning to the world: ‘neutrality’ may have economic consequences. The US will share more intelligence and sophisticated weapons with Ukraine. It is still considering sending a top official to Kyiv to ‘show further support.’

DSR Exclusives

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